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Granvägen 4, 920 64 Tärnaby, Sweden
News | 23.11.2012
Nordic Air Sweden puts Umea and North Sweden on the map

Air Sweden is starting a scheduled flight operation based in Umeå. In February next year, direct Flights will start between Umeå and London, Frankfurt, Paris. At the same time, Flights between Umeå and Arvidsjaur, Gällivare, Hemavan will start. This will … Continue reading
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News | 03.09.2012
Air Sweden opens new office in Umeå

Air Sweden moves into its brand new, purpose built office in Umeå.
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News | 30.08.2012
Air Sweden enters negotiations to add Embraer E-jets

Air Sweden has entered into negotiations for the possible lease or purchase of Embraer E-jets.
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