Charter Flights

A flexible way to manage your transportation needs

Inclusive Tour Charters
Chartering one of our aircraft for your tour programme puts you in control. Choose airports, day of operation, flight times as well as the level of inflight service for your passsengers.
Adhoc Charter Flights
Chartering offers more flexibility, comfort and often lower prices than scheduled alternatives. Air Sweden have operated adhoc charters on behalf of orchestras, football teams, private and corporate groups. and incentive organisers.
Military Charters
We have operated many mission-critical charter flights on behalf of European governments, delivering their troops and equipment to operating theatres around the world.
News | 29.08.2018
Air Sweden flight operations planned for Q1 2019

Air Sweden is planning to resume flight operations during the first half of 2019. The company is staffed by ex SAS and Viking Airlines employees and is in the process of upgrading its AOC to accommodate both short and long … Continue reading

News | 20.08.2018
Air Sweden appoints General Sales Agents

Air Sweden is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Swiss company Anglo European Aviation AG who it has worked with in the past as General Sales Agents for all non-scheduled activities. Anglo European, who have been in business for over … Continue reading